Forensic Science Program

Is Forensic Science for ME???

Forensic Science is NOT what you see on the famous CSI television series. If you become a Forensic Scientist you will:

  • Accept and log in evidence
  • Decide how to analyze the evidence you receive
  • Perform analyses using careful techniques and scientific methods
  • Write reports detailing the results of your analyses
  • Offer testimony in court about some cases

Forensic Science Collage

Why EKU?

The Forensic Science Program at Eastern Kentucky University is one of the oldest forensic science programs in the country. It has a national reputation for excellence in undergraduate education in Forensic Science and is one of only 18 undergraduate programs in the U.S. that has received accreditation from the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. EKU's Forensic Science program has two options: Forensic Chemistry (FEPAC accredited) and Forensic Biology (currently working towards FEPAC accreditation).


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